The attack on Britain’s parliament

We are profoundly saddened, as is everyone we know, by the lone wolf attack on Britain's parliament by an individual who must presumably be an ISIS / Daesh sympathiser. What makes a man commit an atrocity of this kind in which innocent civilians are killed? Any attack that deliberately targets civilians is morally repugnant in … Continue reading The attack on Britain’s parliament


The 2017 Women’s Marches

The 2017 women’s marches were a worldwide political spectacle, in which more than 2.5 million people across 168 countries participated in. Whilst the marches were originally organized to publicly voice opposition to the #Trump election, the marches’ purpose morphed and became broader. They called for the safeguarding of not only women’s rights, but the liberties … Continue reading The 2017 Women’s Marches

Tragedy in Central African Republic

The Central African Republic has been characterised by long-lasting violence against a backdrop of state disintegration and deep inter-ethnic cleavages. Northern CAR has a majority Muslim population whilst the south is predominately Christian. CAR was plunged into turmoil in 2013 when the Muslim Séléka coup from the northeast overthrew Christian President Francois Bozizé from power. … Continue reading Tragedy in Central African Republic

Freedom of Religion in America

The freedom to believe, practice and preach any religion is an unalienable fundamental right, imperative to the maintenance of social cohesion. In the USA this principle has been protected by both the secular and the religious through legal guarantees and religious edicts; but periods in which humanity has enjoyed this ostensible luxury are rare. And … Continue reading Freedom of Religion in America

Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia – driving women up the wall…

In the last 5 years equality between the sexes within Saudi Arabia has started progress. Women have been granted the right to vote and have started to take a more prominent role within Government. In 2015 elections, 18 women were elected to municipal councils. Despite, this landmark election there remains a guardianship system that prevents … Continue reading Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia – driving women up the wall…

The Libyan smugglers: Buying people’s dreams

The toppling of long-term leader Muammer Gaddaffi in 2011 led to a power vacuum and instability, with no authority in full control. With two rival administrations and a UN backed Government of National Unity Libya has descended into a state of anarchy. This lack of central control has constructed estimates of up to 1,700 militia … Continue reading The Libyan smugglers: Buying people’s dreams