The Khawatir Movement was created by the Next Century Foundation, and it focuses on creating conversation and open dialogue to tackle all forms of extremist movements through educating young people on the dangers of joining extremist groups and providing a positive platform to promote inclusiveness.


The Khawatir Movement was established to fight the ideology of extremism with the ideology of love, to give those disempowered by the inadequacy of our diverse but fractured society, here in Britain, a true sense of belonging. The name ‘Khawatir’ translates from Arabic to English as self-reflection or inspiration from within, and it is this which our ideology is based upon. The Movement advocates five positives; compassion, virtue, sincerity, sacrifice and integrity. It is an initiative helping to create conversation, open dialogue and to counter extremist movements through an online community. The key focus of this project is that it is important to tackle all forms of extremism, not just terrorist movements such as ISIS but movements linked to facism, racism, sexism, homophobia and excessive materialism and/or greed – it is this that makes us special and different.

The movement’s primary focus is on education, targeting 13-35 year olds. It is helping to create an enviornment which encourages people to learn, educate and appreciate everyone’s views and beliefs as well as increasing people’s awareness of the importance of togetherness within communities. Using Facebook as a promotional tool The Khawatir Movement utilises a wide array of channels to promote our united message. It is a truly novel initiative because there is no other individual or group tackling this issue in the same way.