Freedom of Religion in America

The freedom to believe, practice and preach any religion is an unalienable fundamental right, imperative to the maintenance of social cohesion. In the USA this principle has been protected by both the secular and the religious through legal guarantees and religious edicts; but periods in which humanity has enjoyed this ostensible luxury are rare. And … Continue reading Freedom of Religion in America


Forced Child Labour in the Chocolate Industry

The global chocolate market is worth an estimated $110 billion a year. The cocoa bean grown in Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire produces 70% of the world’s cocoa, the farms of these Western African countries supply cocoa to international corporations such as Hershey’s, Mars and Nestle. Over the past decade, the cocoa industry in Western Africa … Continue reading Forced Child Labour in the Chocolate Industry

The French National Front

In the wake of 'Brexit' and 'Trumpism', is France next in line for a shock to the political system? Founded in 1972 and presided by Marine Le Pen, the National Front is a conservative-nationalist political party in France originally formed with the mission of unifying multiple right-wing nationalist movements. Having pledged to “take back full control of … Continue reading The French National Front

“She doesn’t have the stamina”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign and consequential loss of the US 2016 Presidential election symbolises a key moment in time for women across the world. It is clear that the white, (semi) working-class members of the American public feel disregarded by the political elite, which has widened divisions in society throughout the course of the Obama administration. … Continue reading “She doesn’t have the stamina”

A Reflection on the US 2016 Presidential Elections

US President elect Donald Trump will have a freer hand on foreign policy than he does on domestic affairs. Awkward though. He has declared he will be friendly with Russia but tougher with Russia’s companion in arms Iran. It will be difficult to square that circle. At Al Khawatir we disagree with some of America’s … Continue reading A Reflection on the US 2016 Presidential Elections

The Growing Absurdity of University Censorship

The topic of free speech is one of the most contentious issues in liberal societies. It can be defined as the right to express one’s ideas and opinions freely through all forms of rhetoric without deliberately causing harm to others’ character and reputation by false or misleading statements. Society’s duty in this context is not … Continue reading The Growing Absurdity of University Censorship

Iraqi Civilians Once Again Caught in the Crossfire

The attempt to recapture Mosul and other key areas in Iraq is now generating a new wave of optimism in the West. With the many challenges being faced, including the potential displacement of huge numbers of people and ISIS escaping to fight again under a cover of oil fires, it might be a mistake for … Continue reading Iraqi Civilians Once Again Caught in the Crossfire