Tragedy in Central African Republic

The Central African Republic has been characterised by long-lasting violence against a backdrop of state disintegration and deep inter-ethnic cleavages. Northern CAR has a majority Muslim population whilst the south is predominately Christian. CAR was plunged into turmoil in 2013 when the Muslim Séléka coup from the northeast overthrew Christian President Francois Bozizé from power. … Continue reading Tragedy in Central African Republic


Darkness in Darfur

The story of Sudan is one of pain, poverty and suffering. Violence is deeply embedded in daily life. The Darfur region has, tragically, been home to cycles of violence and forced displacement. Which ethical principles can we lean on to make sense of this? The Khawatir Movement strives towards a world where equal value is … Continue reading Darkness in Darfur

Kashmir- The Forgotten Conflict

The struggles endured by the Kashmiri people are largely undocumented in our news media. The long running unrest in the region has been marginalised in our news reports and our collective imagination. The people of the Kashmir valley have been protesting since July. They have been demanding an end to an increasingly heavy-handed Indian rule. … Continue reading Kashmir- The Forgotten Conflict

International Anti-Corruption Day

Corruption is defined by the World Bank as "the abuse of public office for private gain". Across both developed and developing countries, corruption leads to the concentration of power, wealth and resources in the hands of a political and economic elite - at the expense of poorer segments of society. As a result, corruption is … Continue reading International Anti-Corruption Day

Our Freedom from Want Goes Beyond Us

The right to an adequate standard of living is now a principle concept in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1941 US President Franklin Roosevelt gave a speech called 'The Four Freedoms', in which he stipulated that "freedom from want" was one of them. This particular freedom surrounds everyone's right to shelter and food, … Continue reading Our Freedom from Want Goes Beyond Us