Darkness in Darfur

The story of Sudan is one of pain, poverty and suffering. Violence is deeply embedded in daily life. The Darfur region has, tragically, been home to cycles of violence and forced displacement. Which ethical principles can we lean on to make sense of this? The Khawatir Movement strives towards a world where equal value is … Continue reading Darkness in Darfur


Making Sense of Conflict with Compassion

As Iraqi, Kurdish and allied forces attempt to dislodge Da’esh from Mosul, increased human suffering is inevitable. Even more Iraqis will be forced to either flee their homeland or become internally displaced. The severity of this second issue is deepened when we consider the miserable conditions of the squalid refugee camps. As the scenes of … Continue reading Making Sense of Conflict with Compassion

What does The Khawatir Movement stand for?

The ideology of Al Khawatir Movement is based on a doctrine of Absolute Purity which we define in terms of Seven Positives: Virtue. Sincerity. Compassion. Integrity. Sacrifice. Contemplation. Sharing. To further this ideology we advocate listening to the still small voice within and sharing the thoughts that come to you:1. VIRTUEWe believe that ABSOLUTE PURITY … Continue reading What does The Khawatir Movement stand for?