Does Indonesia have a problem with rising intolerance towards minorities?

Indonesia has over 207 million Indonesians identifying themselves as Muslim, the largest proportion of the world’s Muslim community. However, the Indonesian government has failed to protect its religious minorities, more specifically Christians, Shia and Ahmadiyya, against an increase in levels of harassment. The majority of Indonesian Muslims are appalled by the increasing religious divisions facing their country.

Reasons intolerance may be on the rise include the fact that Indonesia’s Muslim population struggles to speak out against members of their own community who promote the persecution of minorities. There is also a growing level of radicalisation which contributes to rising levels of intolerance when combined with a government that fails to provide adequate intervention and prevention.

It is unacceptable and completely unjust to persecute or alienate other sectors of society. The vast majority of Indonesia’s moderate Muslim population must speak out in response to radical Islamic movements and stand up for minority groups that have been affected. Freedom of religion is one of the main pillars of any society.



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