What does The Khawatir Movement stand for?

The ideology of Al Khawatir Movement is based on a doctrine of Absolute Purity which we define in terms of Seven Positives: Virtue. Sincerity. Compassion. Integrity. Sacrifice. Contemplation. Sharing. To further this ideology we advocate listening to the still small voice within and sharing the thoughts that come to you:

We believe that ABSOLUTE PURITY demands that we act with VIRTUE, which means not trying to please others, and not trying to please yourself, but rather trying to do what is right – which may even be by doing something radically different from being either selfish or selfless. You have an innate knowledge of what is right. Almost everyone does. However, we should always be cautious about choosing a direction in life. Merton once wrote, “If we want something, we easily persuade ourselves that what we want is God’s will just as long as it turns out to be difficult to obtain. What is easy is my own will, what is hard is God’s will”.
As regards that other aspect of VIRTUE – that of sexual morality: We advocate an approach to sexuality that views genuine affection as a prerequisite for a full relationship but we make no further judgement except to say it is wrong to remain within a relationship in which you are physically or emotionally bullied. We believe in mutual respect. We also respect sexual diversity.

Epictitus once wrote: “First say to yourself what you would be, then do what you have to do.” If you speak and act with sincerity, you have set yourself a higher bar than most. Al Khawatir advocates urgent and direct action in pursuit of a better world – and believes that change begins with yourself.

We believe in love in action, sometimes referred to as COMPASSION. Love involves caring for the very old, the very young, the vulnerable whomever they are. Love involves outreach if it is to go beyond mere affection. Al Khawatir is a movement for those of all faiths and none which wishes to include all of good heart, Gay or Straight, Black or White, Muslim or Christian, Rich or Poor, Young or Old, Male or Female, Weak or Strong.
Al Khawatir believes in human dignity and freedom from fear, in placing an equal value on all, and in one world without frontiers, in a true spirit of internationalism, in “all for one and one for all”. Because of which Al Khawatir also advocates Gandhi’s doctrine of “ahimsa” or non-violence.

Absolute Honesty can sometimes be a box ticking exercise. We believe in Integrity which is a tougher call. For example, INTEGRITY requires FAIR PLAY which can be more demanding than mere honesty.

For us SELFLESSNESS or “UNSELFISHNESS” means the acknowledgement of a central dispensation that is a greater idea than ourselves and an ability to SACRIFICE to further that end. Selflessness also involves recognition of DUTY, as in our duty to care for the vulnerable. As a footnote, any genuine spirit of unselfishness would mean a life that did not make hedonism its objective. We recognize the need for reward for merit and hard work, but when that reward comes at the expense of the less fortunate it is immoral.

Al Khawatir believes in having an open and discerning heart. Jack London once wrote: “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” We believe in setting aside time for regular periods of contemplation, listening to the still small voice within, whether you call that voice your God or your soul or your conscience or your heart. And then recording your inspiration by writing it down.

We believe in the sharing of ideas – especially those arrived at in contemplation. Otherwise how can we always be sure to always distinguish between those thoughts which come from our own dark side and serve our self in its worst incarnation and the thoughts that cleave to the light and do not come from the ego? Al Khawatir believes we each have a dark side and a light. Cleave to the light always. Even when you live in the darkness. There is space to light the flame of wisdom on the altar of your heart as you walk through the valleys.

Al Khawatir believes the world is a field ripe for ploughing and that, as Oscar Wilde once said, we all live in the gutter but some of us look at the stars. If you subscribe to the same vision – join us.


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